Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Marco Benevento - Between the Needles and Nightfall (2010)

Marco Benevento is an experimental piano player who stands at a unique place in the world of music. Halfway between jazz, indie rock, jam band, post-rock, and all other kinds of experimental sound wizardry, Benevento has consistently put out highly original and powerful music that defies classification. My first encounter with Benevento was at Oakland's famous jazz club Yoshi's. He played with bassist Reed Mathis and drummer Matt Chamberlin, the same line up featured on this album and they totally killed it. Benevento treats his piano like a prog musician treats his guitar. Hooked up to a huge rig of electronics and pedals he is able to get a huge range of sounds and create unique soundscapes on each track. Between the Needles and Nightfall is Benevento's third solo album. Ranging from slow beautiful ballads to fast paced jams full of bright and colorful electrified piano sounds this album never gets boring or monotonous. If you ever get a chance to see Benevento live I cannot stress just how fantastic of an experience it is. When I first saw him I'd never heard a single song by him, but he still kept me completely mesmerized throughout the performance. His skill as an improviser is out of this world.





  1. I needed no more than the album cover to download this one.

  2. I'm leaning the same way.

    Ed. note: fantastic job, if you want to you can assign a rating

  3. I dunno, I feel like ratings are kind of useless cause I'm never gonna bother talking about an album that isn't like at least a 9 or something lol

  4. Yeah upon further review, ratings aren't really what I want to do