Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Hunches (2002, 2004, 2008)

The Hunches are a garage punk band that was active between 2002 and 2008 (although possible rumored reunion in 2011). Their first two albums are raw, primitive, and insanely aggressive. Their final release was a lot less aggressive than their preprocessors but still keeps that noisy edge that they have true to all their material.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Faust - Something Dirty (2011)

I shouldn't have to tell you what Faust sounds like. All I need to really mention is that they keep their drawn out, psychedelic, effect-ridden music that they've had for all these years. I would say it's a modern version of their old style, but if you'd release the s/t, Faust IV, or any number of other Faust or other krautrock albums in this day it'd be equally modern, but even then, Something Dirty still works as a fantastic callback without falling into self-imitation.

There's really not much to say. It's Faust, it's great, you want it.

Bibio - Mind Bokeh (2011)

Most excellent.


eRikm - Lux Payllettes (2010)

Suck a dick Girl Talk.


Monday, February 21, 2011

miRthkon - Vehicle (2009)

If you listened the Fun Machine album I posted a few months back, expect something in the same vein. If you haven't, expect the complexity of an early RIO band, the "brutal-prog" approach of Ron Anderson projects, the playfulness of Samla Mammas Manna (or Mr. Bungle, perhaps), and the slight bit of heaviness also seen in Doctor Nerve. Good cheeky "Avant-Prog"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Track of the Day: February 21st, 2011

The very talented Andrew McMahon also known to most as the mastermind behind the piano rock band Jack's Mannequin emerged on the scene with this gem of a song which I'd personally put in my top 20 all time. With such lines as "So I can score an eighth from the lesbians west of venice" and "fuck yeah, we can live like this". My track of the day for Feburary 21st, 2011 is Holiday From Real by Jack's Mannequin

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Team Sleep- Team Sleep (2005)

Team Sleep is better known as Chino Moreno's side project to being the front man of Deftones. Teaming up with friend DJ Crook who laid down beats for the tracks and some additional members, Team Sleep formed in 2002. Team Sleep uses many different genres including dream pop, trip hop, post-hardcore, shoegaze, post rock, and electronica. The debut album from Team Sleep debuted on May 10th, 2005. The first single was Ever (Foreign Flag) which is actually one of my favorite songs on the album. Like the name says, Team Sleep is a great sleep album. Well at least for me, it's very relaxing and calming and very enjoyable to listen to at the same time. If you are a fan of Chino Moreno's work, check out Team Sleep.

The Aquabats- Hi Five Soup (2011)

The Aquabats, the only rock band with superhero alter egos best known to be the creators of Yo Gabba Gabba return to the music scene with Hi Five Soup. Hi Five Soup is a poppy fun smorgasbord of music that I just can't explain. The Aquabats are awesome, if you can't tell from their awesome purple spandex crime fighting uniforms. The Album is fun, it's just pure fun. Every song could have you nodding your head or singing along. The title track "The Shark Fighter" is probably my favorite track because it just oozes awesomeness. My other favorite track would be Poppin a Wheelie! which is about the joys of wheelie popping. Another highlight is Radio Down with special guest Biz Markie, I kid you not. Overall, Hi Five Soup is an enjoyable feel good record with great songs and awesome production value. The Aquabats rule the world and that's where I stand. Drink up the Hi Five Soup and join me.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Tyler, the Creator track: Yonkers

Just a couple days after dropping his beautifully weird remix of Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers, here's the first single from his new album Goblin (to be released in April), titled Yonkers.

View here (NSFW)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

LPC Mixtape Series, Vol. 4, January 2010: The Meaning of Is

Sorry I'm a bit late with this, but I've had a lot to do over the past few days. It's finally here, at least. And yes, the title is most definitely a Clinton reference.

As you can probably tell from the photo, this is a 90s themed mixtape and we're glad to present it to all of our nearly 7,000 visitors from January. Thank you for reading LPC and keep checking the site for new stuff every day!


  1. The Smashing Pumpkins - The End Is the Beginning Is the End
  2. A Tribe Called Quest - Buggin' Out
  3. Bran Van 3000 - Drinking in L.A.
  4. Mike Watt - Drove Up From Pedro
  5. Boredoms - Super Going
  6. Neutral Milk Hotel - Two-Headed Boy
  7. Faith No More - Everything's Ruined
  8. The Verve Pipe - The Freshmen
  9. Yo La Tengo - Autumn Sweater
  10. Weezer - Pink Triangle
  11. Smash Mouth - Stoned
  12. Galaxie 500 - Tugboat
  13. Nas - It Ain't Hard to Tell
  14. Foo Fighters - Everlong
  15. Rush - Everyday Glory
  16. Pavement - Grave Architecture
  17. Stars of the Lid - Anchor States, Pt. 1
  18. Beat Happening - Noise
  19. Lemonheads - Down About It
  20. The Flaming Lips - Race For the Prize

Enjoy the mixtape, there should be another one out in three weeks. I'm out for the night.

Download (133 MB)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cut Copy - Zonoscope (2011)

Zonoscope, Cut Copy's third studio album, is in many retrospects the ideal follow-up to the pop masterpiece that was In Ghost Colours. While retaining their sound, Cut Copy have kept it fresh by using more varied song structures and changing the album flow. Where In Ghost Colours flowed smoothly with short-medium length summer jams, Zonoscope introduces more lengthy tunes with crescendos and big climaxes. The vibe, however, remains the same.

'Need You Now' was a surprising opener to me, mainly due to lead singer Dan Whitford's deeper vocals. This varied pitch combined with heavier synths on songs such as 'Need You Now' and 'Blink and You'll Miss A Revolution' introduces a darker sound to the music, showcasing the band's post-punk influences more distinctively. 'Take Me Over' and 'Pharoahs & Pyramids', the two most IGC-like tracks on the album, maintain the classic Cut Copy feel to add nice variation and contrast. And the song that got people's expectations spinning, the 15-minute album closer 'Sun God', doesn't disappoint. It starts off with a thumping bass and a talking heads-like vibe, before going somewhere else altogether ("epic space disco" seems to be a popular term).

While Zonoscope is missing that little bit of atmospheric magic that In Ghost Colours had, it has its own feeling of vastness that makes it a worthwhile listen. It's definitely more of an homage to post-punk and the darker side of new wave as opposed to the happy pop feel of IGC. Something I feel I should add, it seems to be a grower. I enjoyed it much more on the second listen than on the first.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Toro y Moi - Underneath the Pine (2011)

If you remember my Top 50 Albums list from 2010, you'll see Causers of This by Chaz Bundick/Toro y Moi on there at a cool 11th. It's no secret that this guy's probably my favorite chillwave musician.

This album can't really be narrowed down to that alone, though - "Go With You" sounds like bossanova gone summer-pop, "New Beat" is a great dance song, and "Before I'm Done" is a nice guitar-driven song, which is what a lot of Bundick's music sounded like on the June 2009 compilation (specifically, "109", "Dead Pontoon", etc.). Even if you don't like chillwave, you'll find something to like here.

Try it
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tim Hecker - Ravedeath, 1972 (2011)

You might as well call 2011 off, the best album of the year has already arrived. First pass -- possibly the next Harmony In Ultraviolet, and certainly better than his previous effort. Astounding.

Dumbo Gets Mad - Elephants At The Door (2011)

Dumbo Gets Mad is an Italian psych duo (That I just learned about last week) and this is their debut LP. The album sounds very fresh and trippy, and every track on the LP sort of stands out in it's own way, especially Plumy Tale. The band cites Flying Lotus and Gonjasufi as influences for this album, and it's really not hard to see why as the album is also experimental as both of their LP's from last year. The album is very warm sounding, and it's bound to give you a smile on your face if you take the time to listen to it. Also, while you can't get a physical copy of the album anytime soon, the band was gracious enough to give it out digitally for the cost of a simple tweet or Facebook status.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cloud Nothings - s/t (2011)

I signed up to post this, so I might as well do so. Can't say I'm in love with this like I was with Turning On. This isn't bad, but it's a bit of a disappointment compared to that. Still, there's a lot to be had here, including Should Have, Rock, and Been Through. Fans of Big Troubles, Smith Westerns, and (because of the high improvement in recording quality and song structure similarity) Wavves' new album will like this.

Stream it here until I become unlazy enough to upload it
Buy it

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Heart On My Sleeve - Blood Is Not Thicker Than Wine (2011)

Screamo band from Sweden. Vocals are fantastic here. Somewhat reminiscent of Heaven in Her Arms or a number of more black metal bands in this respect. Great atmosphere, to boot.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lost Sounds - Lost Sounds (2004)

Led by Jay Jay (aka Jay Reatard of the Reatards) and Alicja Trout (Clears, River City Tanlines), Memphis' Lost Sounds are a glorious mess of punk rock artsiness gone awry in all the right places. Their 2004 In the Red effort, simply titled Lost Sounds, is a punk rock dance party guaranteed to merrily demolish every piece of furniture in the room. But this paranoid rampage is a far cry from the faux-sexy bass'n'drum din pumped out by the likes of Death from Above 1979. "Those things they put inside me/ You know they make me nervous," wails Jay through a cacophonous din of twitchy surf guitars and stuttering keyboards. Elsewhere the band declares that the end of the world is, "worth a laugh." And you get the feeling they mean it.