Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Aquabats- Hi Five Soup (2011)

The Aquabats, the only rock band with superhero alter egos best known to be the creators of Yo Gabba Gabba return to the music scene with Hi Five Soup. Hi Five Soup is a poppy fun smorgasbord of music that I just can't explain. The Aquabats are awesome, if you can't tell from their awesome purple spandex crime fighting uniforms. The Album is fun, it's just pure fun. Every song could have you nodding your head or singing along. The title track "The Shark Fighter" is probably my favorite track because it just oozes awesomeness. My other favorite track would be Poppin a Wheelie! which is about the joys of wheelie popping. Another highlight is Radio Down with special guest Biz Markie, I kid you not. Overall, Hi Five Soup is an enjoyable feel good record with great songs and awesome production value. The Aquabats rule the world and that's where I stand. Drink up the Hi Five Soup and join me.

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