Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jon Hopkins ~ Immunity

Well, here we are. After almost two years of inactivity I have decided that this blog needs a new injection of life. Most of the members have moved on by this point, or have not really cared from the start (guilty). But, with that said; I will do my part in trying to start the spark once more.

So, without further adieu.

I have no previous history with Jon Hopkins, but after being linked to this whole album one night I have been fully captivated. It draws you in with a blend of electronic glitch, sharp tones, and upbeat percussion that you cannot shy away from, slowly winding down into an ambiance to cushion your stay. What Jon Hopkins does so well is not from anything that I would say shakes the industry with fresh new ideas; but refines a genre so well that you cannot help but look at it in awe. Calling up cues from fellow artists like Nosaj Thing, Nathan Fake and Boards of Canada. Yet keeping it all his own with piano rolls, electronic stabs and powerful natural sounds. With all the landmark albums releasing early this year, this is not one you should toss to the side for later.

 You can listen to the full album here

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