Friday, July 5, 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ~ Nanda Collection

Sadly I am quite busy this week due to work and other miscellaneous things, and so this will not be a full reflection on this album; but merely a slight overview. 

 For those who are new to Kyary, if you have enjoyed groups like Perfume and Capsule (all produced by Nakata, that guy sure gets around) this will be a joyous occasion indeed. Her inane lyrics and ridiculous fashion sense lend to a light and cheerful mood that is powered by electronic production.

Kyary's new album "Nanda Collection" is not quite "new". Sure, it has been released fairly recently, but a majority of the tracks have been taken from her previous single; with only two new songs being put in. However, should you skip this album? If you enjoy J-Pop and Kyary, no, no you should not. It is a collection of her previous works, and includes what I would say are her best songs. This is the album to have if you do not posses any of her previous works (with exception to 'tsukematsukeru', seriously grab that one it is great).

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