Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Miyuki ~ Kenjutsu / 剣術 EP

Miyuki, albeit being a little known artist from Russia; comes at the scene with a big presence with her newest ep 'Kenjutsu / 剣術'. Borrowing heavily from Japanese elements including traditional Japanese instruments, Buddhist mantras and every day talk/intercom speech. These components layered on top of her ambient/glitch/downtempo roots compliment each other exceedingly well, lending to what could be her greatest album to date. More so than her previous albums, this one is a fair bit more glitch/upbeat orientated. Less long, drawn out ambient sequences; replaced by the hums of old Buddhists and harder more pronounced drum lines, bell tolls, and sharp synths. It brings out what I would consider a very idyllic balance between progressive glitch and relaxing ambiance. 

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