Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Logs-Hogz (2011)

The lastest effort from this band, including Alex Gaziano of Kidcrash, finally makes it out after two years of waiting. I guess I'm a bit late, it was "officially released" on the first, available before then, but now is as good as time as any, right?
First, it isn't really an album that would necessitate two years of prep, which is good. Although the post-hardcore memories signaled through this album are beautiful and thick and all other sorts of adjectives, it's got a general ugliness and simplicity to it, that's necessity for this genre.
Not too much to say... it starts with a charming enough opener, a sample of a kid exclaiming of his need to "scream and cry", followed by several kids doing just that, leading into a couple of crash cymbols and strong enough riff with, of course, some screaming vocals. Throughout the album it works with a bit of a loud-soft dynamic in it's general structure. Despite that, superficially, I can't say too much about it in comparison with the genre at whole, it's not derivative and it's not boring, it's just one of those "genre pieces" that gets a lot right.

I don't think it has an album cover, so there's a sloth... there was one on their self-titled EP. Well, last.fm is using this as the album cover, so I guess maybe this is as good as any.

buy... I'm not sure. The only record label I've seen that "has it" makes no mention on their site.


  1. Will check out, I like your post-hardcore recommendations.

  2. btw, the opening sample is from: