Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunroof! - Cloudz (2003)

I planned to post this a while ago, but better to post it now than never. Sunroof! is Matthew Bower from England; he's been active for 25 years and has released over 60 albums under a variety of names. This happens to be the best release he's had in my opinion, as his genre is hard to pin down considering that he also works in the post-punk and noise scenes.

There's a lot to enjoy here. "Machine" is a beautiful opening to the 70-minute album. "Zero" is expectional. "Primavera" is fantastic fuzzed-out noise/experimental rock. This is nine tracks and 70 minutes long and it's hard to find a single minute that isn't worthy of repeated listens.

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(editor's note: you'll get several posts from me today; I'll attempt to stop being lazy)


  1. I have Splat!. It's good. Sunroof! is under-appreciated.

  2. how the hell would you know what his best work is? you clearly haven't heard all his work.

  3. Well, Gundy, maybe one day I'll be able to listen to every release Matthew Bower has ever put out and I can answer that question properly.