Thursday, January 20, 2011

Track of the Day: January 20th 2011

I can't deny it anymore. I am addicted to the epic final track of Equilibrium's 2008 release, Sagas. Mana is quickly becoming one of my favorite instrumentals. Even though the song weights in at 16 minutes long, it doesn't become boring. Part of this has to do with how damn catchy the song can be. The transitions at 5:00 and 8:10 are very memorable. The musicianship, creativity, melody, and pacing all combine to create an absolute musical juggernaut of folk metal. This is a song that can make me headbang and cry in the same song. I kid you not, I teared up once at the flute part around 4:00 because of how beautiful it is. I'm sure some of you won't dig this, but if you go into it with an open mind I think you will find something to enjoy.

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