Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Belle and Sebastian - Write About Love (2010)

First listen: I guess it's alright. I Didn't See It Coming and the title track were probably the biggest highlights.

Second listen: It's pretty good. Some other highlights are Come on Sister, I Want the World to Stop and Ghost of Rockschool.

Third listen: It's solid. I Can See Your Future, I'm Not Living in the Real World, and Sunday's Pretty Icons are pretty great as well.

Fourth listen: Hmmm... Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John and Read the Blessed Pages aren't bad either.

So at first it was kind of just a bunch of semi-bland pop tunes with a couple highlights, but then more and more tracks became more and more appealing until all that's really left is Calculating Bimbo. What an ugly pairing of words. I think it could be the same exact song with a different name and I'd like it more. It's also the The Boy Done Wrong Again of Write About Love, in that it's a slow song that throws off the upbeat vibe the album has going before and after it. It's not as big a buzzkill as The Boy Done Wrong Again (but then again I Didn't See It Coming, Come on Sister and I Want the World to Stop don't provide as big a buzz to kill as If You're Feeling Sinister, Mayfly and Judy and the Dream of Horses do), and really, it's not a bad song at all, just kind of plain.

Other than that the album's pretty air-tight and filler-free. The highs aren't staggering, but it's a very consistent album that doesn't really show any major faults. Maybe not exactly what the biggest fans wanted, but I find it hard to complain about.



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  1. Love B&S, been meaning to listen to this. Nice review