Friday, October 22, 2010

The Foreign Exchange - Authenticity (2010)

The Foreign Exchange is a two-man "indie-soul" group composed of Nicolay on the boards and Phonte of the highly-touted group Little Brother doing vocals. Their first album, "Connected", was mostly a hip-hop affair. They followed it up with "Leave It All Behind" in 2008, which was nominated for a Grammy. It was a good album, but Nicolay's production mostly carried it. Phonte didn't sound as comfortable as he should have singing.

That problem seems to be fully rectified on this latest album. Every song is smooth and full of soul. No skips to be found here. Nicolay's production is relaxing and easy to listen to and, most importantly, it doesn't overpower or overshadow Phonte's voice. He hits all his notes well and writes great lyrics. He's a great singer and on this album you can tell he knows it.

On Little Brother's album "Leftback," Phonte raps, "Rappin 'Te, four-mic honoree/ Singing 'Te, one-time Grammy nominee."

This is as good as Singing 'Te gets.

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