Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sharpshooters - Choked Up (1997)

Choked Up is a blended medley of old-school hip-hop tracks and instrumentals. The album is a varied listen, with tracks ranging from funky hip-hop cuts -Mr. Supreme has a taking-these-chumps-to-school flow similar to Guru of Gangstarr on some tracks- and acid jazz and dub-inspired instrumentals with smooth, mellow drum-patterns.

On the tracks with vocals, the rhymes are sharp and delivered with great flow (Herbs in my sight tryin' to be best friends/ now they floating in the river rockin' cement tims). Subtle production helps underscore the easy listen-ability of these songs. This carries over to the rest of the album. Iit's very hard to not bob your head along through out the entire CD.

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