Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LPC Mixtape Series, Vol. 2, September 2010: One For Pep Pep

I lied: I'm too lazy to make a better cover for September. But Altered Zones has some of the best backgrounds I've ever seen on a music site and I've got to use them. As the August mixtape was, this is simply a mixtape featuring songs from many of our writers that have been in frequent play for them.

At least the title doesn't totally suck this time, though. The next one will probably be about NBA Jam or something, I don't know.


  1. Ida Maria - Oh My God
  2. Anberlin - Impossible
  3. Refused - Liberation Frequency
  4. The Soundcarriers - Last Broadcast
  5. Arandel - In D#1
  6. Ketil Bjørnstad - 02 II
  7. Unwound - October All Over
  8. Flying Lotus - Time Vampires
  9. Real Estate - Black Lake
  10. TOKiMONSTA - Death by Disco
  11. Prizzy Prizzy Please - A Thundergust of Woodpeckers
  12. No Age - Valley Hump Crash
  13. Sun Araw - Beat Cop
  14. Four Tet - Slow Jam
  15. Gay Witch Abortion - Curses
  16. The Static Age - Already Dead
  17. Cassiber - Vengeance is Dancing
  18. Deerhunter - Desire Lines
  19. Hard Mix - Memories
  20. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Skeletons

For now, we'll leave these at twenty tracks. As visits to the site increase (we would like to thank all of our visitors for the 5,138 page views last month), we may make these more frequently and add or subtract the amount of songs on the mixtapes.

Think of Richard Dunn when you listen to this. Just for a tribute.



  1. Who put up the Ketil Bjørnstad song? Glad to see someone else is a fan.

  2. The next mixtape: The Monster Jams, They're on Fire

  3. I don't really think my tracks ever fit but I hope you guys enjoy them.

  4. It's supposed to be representative of every writer's music taste (which is an invitation for every writer, or at least half of you, to upload a track or two), so there's no problem with thinking yours don't fit in with the rest.

  5. good point Cedar. Very good point. It just shows the diversity of our writers.