Sunday, October 17, 2010

Snaarj- Road Snacks (2010)

I don't know enough about jazz to be able to write a good review of this but I'll try. Snaarj are an avant-garde jazz band who are, well, pretty avant-garde. The first track, "Snuggles," is far from typical but it isn't the most experimental thing in the world. However, this is merely a charade that is dropped at the start of the next track, "Remember the Turtle," which opens up with a quick count off and then right into an explosion of saxophones and drums before giving way to a drum beat somewhat reminiscent of Brain Mantia. The saxophones re-enter with a stop and go rhythm that holds the honor of being the only jazz music that makes me want to headbang.

Snaarj are a four-piece group with alto sax, tenor sax, bass, and drums. They are clearly students of the game. The saxophone players do their best Coltrane impersonations by stretching the limits of their instruments until they're almost screaming in pain while the drummer sneaks some rock beats into the music while maintaining a jazzy syncopation. This is all over mostly chordal electric bass playing. Speaking of the bass, Snaarj's bassist is a related to none other than Victor Wooten. I'm not sure what the relation is exactly but I've heard he's his nephew.

As I said, I'm really not a jazz guy. I think these guys are amazing though. Maybe somebody who's more well-read in that area can tell me if they're as good as I think they are.

I don't actually own this in any form so I can't upload it. But you can stream the whole thing here and buy it if you choose. The title track is available for free download.


  1. lol ignore my comment about making the saxophones scream. I just re-listened to it and I don't think I noticed it once. They did it a lot when I saw them live though.

  2. Don't lie to us ever again or you'll face removal from the contributor's list.

  3. Hello, this is Dustin from Snaarj! Thanks for the review! Just wanted to let you know we've recorded a new album and are in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for mixing, mastering, album art, and pressing. If all goes according to plan we'll have the record out hopefully by the end of 2011!

  4. Free Live Snaarj Download!

  5. Check out the first single from Snaarj's upcoming release, "Levels"!