Saturday, October 23, 2010

Miriodor - Mekano (2001)

Since their first LP, Rencontres (1985), the Montreal group Miriodor has evolved from a Univers Zero-influenced rock-in-opposition outfit to an exciting, entertaining, and downright clownish avant-prog band. This incarnation of Miriodor is a quartet. Longtime members Pascal Globinsky (keys) and Rémi Leclerc (drums) are joined once again by the fantastic avant-rock guitarist Bernard Falaise and bassist Nicolas Masino. Saxophonist Marie-Chantal Leclair, violinist Marie-Soleil Bélanger, and up-and-coming trumpeter Némo Venba (Fanfare Pourpour, Rouge Ciel) add instrumental touches.

Whacked out prog-rock mapped onto a faux-jazzy sensibility filtered through a Downtownish cabaret/calliope vibe. Miriodor internalize and form their personality out of some of the more challenging aspects of modern progressive music. Incorporating the highly detailed and intricate chops of the Canterbury bands like Hatfield and the North but without the jazzy improvisation; unorthodox chordal phrasing reminiscent of Captian Beefheart but without the atonality, drastic swings in direction and surprising instrumental entrances similar to King Crimson but never taking themselves seriously, yet wholly dedicated to their musical purposes.


  1. Miriodor is one of the best band I have pleasure to heard.

  2. Hi, this is great prog the way, do you have any more of their albums?