Saturday, December 11, 2010

aronrayzz. - карман для слёз (2010)

Among the lists, we've seem to forgotten to post album reviews, so I'll plan to supplement these lists with some relatively unknown 2010 albums, as well as some general favorites I've been meaning to post. So to start, an obscure trio post-rock band from Mother Russia.
And I can sense the grimaces from the mention of "post-rock", a genre so packed with artists I'm sure most of us prepared to hear nothing but mediocrity and cliches. Perhaps they do fall for some of the traps of the genre. For the 45+ minutes this album lasts, you'll hear plenty of remnants of all the classics that appear in the majority of these bands, but it's not strictly that. They have certain moments of deviation. Like within the fifth track, the guitar compositions become more riff-centric, falling into thick distortion and the drums come from the background to punch in furious blasts with quick snare rolls to break it up, even to the supplement of screams. And it's really in these moments where they gain strength. As strong as their more ambient moments are, it's highlighted from the contrast of intensity. It happens a bit too infrequently for my tastes, especially for a band I've heard described as "screamo", but when it's there, it hits.

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  1. Dude, this sample is old video.
    Check this:

  2. cool, thanks. I just posted that because I liked it really.

  3. This sample is veeeeeeeery old video (2 or 3 years old)

    Check this
    from last show in september

  4. or check this

  5. Thanks for posting the videos... I didn't really mean to imply that the video is a recent example, but I shall remove anyway

  6. Guys, the album name is written incorrectly. Where you have got this version of the name хаха)))
    The correct name:"Жизнь не в своем сне" - "Life not in own dream"
    карман для слёз - name of one of the tracks, means "pocket for tears"

    thanx \}8|