Sunday, December 12, 2010

The LPC Staff's Top Ten of 2010: Omagunk

I have no opener.

10. OMNI - Minus The Bear
I had never heard of Minus The Bear before this album, and decided to check them out after seeing them on -of all places- 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'. The album is definitely worthwhile, the instrumentation (particularly the guitar) makes for a great listen and lead vocalist Jake Snider really shines. Any and all alternative rock fans are encouraged to check it out.

9. To The Sea - Jack Johnson
There isn't so much to say about this album. If you're familiar with Jack Johnson's previous attempts, you'll know what to expect on this album. If you aren't then you should know that this is 13 tracks of well-played and expertly-sung songs -mostly about love or the loss of it- that beg to be played through your speakers during a road trip or on the way to the beach. Definitely a goodie here, folks.

8. The ArchAndroid - Janelle Monae
Not being familiar with Ms. Monae, this album took me completely by surprise. It is a blend of soulful hip-hop and electronic music with a large helping of sonic weirdness mixed in. Its greatness is compounded by the fact that its wrapped up tidily in a neat, concept-album package. Janelle Monae is truly firing on all cylinders with this one both with her arrangement, production, composition as well as switching her style between soft, whispered raps and fantastic singing. Get this album!

7.Everything's Berri - A.G.
For a long while I thought this would be the best album of 2010, instead of just one of the best. Still, A.G.'s return after his 2009 album Oasis (with O.C.) is great. His cool, calm, collected flow works in perfect harmony with his deep voice and the fantastic production on the album. There are alot of earworms to be found here.

6.Sir Luscious Left Foot - Big Boi
Big Boi's first solo effort (unless you count Speakerboxx) is a rousing success. Every song is expertly produced to create a mood that precariously dangles on the edge between hip-hop and electronica, and maintains its balance excellently. Of course, it goes without saying that Big Boi's delivery, flow, and lyrics are of course in full effect, putting almost every track over the top. Fantastic guest appearances by Janelle Monae, T.I., and trap-music heavyweight Gucci Mane only seal the deal.

5. The Kardashev Scale - Greydon Square
Also known as "Best Album Nobody Listened To In 2010"

Greydon Square is one of my favorite rappers, and I've been following him since his debut album, "The Compton Effect." (This is his third album and best yet). Greydon square is the latest in the never ending stream of "conscious" rappers, most of his topics he raps about include atheism and inflammatory remarks against religion, as well as his life growing up in group homes. Expertly produced by Traumah and Greydon himself, this album is a must-listen.

4. Album Of The Year - Black Milk
In 2007, Black Milk released the great album Popular Demand, then produced all of Elzhi's The Preface in 2008. In 2008 he dropped an instant classic with Tronic. I think it is a testament to his ability that Album Of The Year is far and away his worst album, and still one of the best releases of the year. Its done in the typical Black Milk style of fast, machine-gun style raps tuned perfectly to the beat, and filled with appearances from other Detroit's MCs just when you think Black's voice is getting dangerously close to boring.

3. Curren$y - Pilot Talk
Curren$y has been on a huge roll in 2010 (get it because he raps about weed and you roll joints and...forget it) with his great mixtape Smokee Robinson, Pilot Talk and Pilot Talk's sequel album. However, Pilot Talk is head and shoulders above everything else he's released this year, and most hip-hop releases. As per usual Curren$y shows a fantastic ear for beats that fit fantastically with his slow rapping style which almost makes him sound disinterested. Great guest spots from Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Smoke DZA, and Devin The Dude only help his cause.

2. TSOL - Shad
Shad is probably my favorite rapper to come out recently, and I can count the songs he's released that I don't like on one hand. TSOL is his third album and best yet. The production is handled well, but the real shine of the album comes from the way almost every track is written perfectly. Shad makes fun and funny wordplay and multisyllabic rhymes ("I do enjoy some lychee ice-tea with pearls/find me on a nice beach doin' tai chi with girls") seemingly out of thin air; he makes hip-hop look ridiculously easy. If you'd like your favorite rapper to remain your favorite rapper, avoid this album at all costs.

1. Authenticity - The Foreign Exchange
This is the best album of the year, in my opinion. Soulful, thoughtful and fun to listen to. You should, -nay, need- to acquire this album if you enjoy R&B, Soul or anything else up that alley. You can see me gush more about it here:

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