Thursday, December 16, 2010

Skultroll - Skultroll (2007)

More True Sheffield. Although one shouldn't expect the outlandish range of the Black Vomit I posted earlier, this group, a side-project from the mind behind Black Vomit (or perhaps the other way around), this is a particularly good example of the general sound that ties this scene together. Guitar shreiks with a "blender" of effects, spiking and droning from one second to the next, and the drums again making a thunderous presence. No heavy use of samples and classical instruments, no lengthy ambient passages, this is much more of a punk-ish interpretation of the True Sheffield sound.


  1. not opening? I'll check it and reup it if I need too.

  2. It's working fine for me... can anyone confirm problems?

  3. Mediafire must have just been fucked up for me. It's working fine now.