Friday, December 24, 2010

Track of the Day: Christmas Eve

The opening track of Blind Guardian's new album, At the Edge of Time, is one of the most impressive pieces of metal I have heard all year. It is epic yet intelligent. It is complex but still catchy. Basically, it is what Blind Guardian has evolved to be after so many years. What really amazes me about this song is the immense amount of variety. The melodies are constantly changing (aside from the epic chorus) so it never gets boring. Not only that, but there is also a great sense of depth to the sound. Listen to this song with a good set of headphones and you will notice some of the intricate details to the music. Hansi Kursch's voice is a particular highlight, especially in the epic chorus. His trademark doubletracking of his vocals is in full effect here and makes the music as powerful as ever. Sacred Worlds proves that these middle aged power metal pioneers can still come up with quality material. Merry Christmas everyone!

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