Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ice Bound Majesty - A Tomb To Erect (2008)

Again, True Sheffield. This one coming from the other half of Skultroll (the one not Black Vomit), with his own work, Ice Bound Majesty. This one, like Black Vomit strays from the more straight, punk sound of Skultroll, again throwing around samples and varying styles of music at will. Starting with the usual dark ambiance, slowing working into an acoustic folk-esque section, entering flute (or some other small woodwind), and then to a thick, ugly drone, all within the first two minutes of this ~35 minute EP. It really has no concern for expansion. While mostly contained within the usual dark atmosphere, somewhat dungeonesque, it variates into doomy ambient passages, into furious blasts, into a cleaner drone into a heavy electronic sound, and back in a manner both smooth and jarring.

That "dungeonesque" sound doesn't always permeate, however. It's occasionally somewhat angelic, as with the "choir" starting and jumping within Wardragon Bones, it's sometimes modern, and mechanical, the drone sometimes takes a sharp, electronic sound, and it's occasionally, unabashedly beautiful. Bright, again almost angelic passages, rise from the grit (again, much like the Black Vomit I posted earlier), doing it's best to warp the listener's mind. There is really no way to prepare for what happens next, no mood one can set oneself into to "fit" the record. It's a twisted universe.

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