Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Animate Objects - Riding in Fast Cars With Your Momma (2007)

Similar to The Roots, Animate Objects is a rap band. The live instrumentation certainly makes a big difference throughout the record; the beats are organic and funky and provide the perfect foundation. They're able to make a four minute spoken word intro not boring in the slightest. They're pretty much what makes the album; their sound is so pleasant and welcoming throughout. Every beat is very good at the least, and this consistency is just one part of why this album is so great. The album doesn't get caught in that coherent/consistent-but-no-real-highlights jam either; there are a few noticeable standouts on the album.

The emcees aren't very memorable, but they sound right at home over the beats. They're not very technically advanced, but they can seamlessly transition between serious and fun, braggadocio and introspective. A perfect example of this: El Dorado, one of the best songs you could have in your arsenal during a road trip, followed by album closer The Story of Now, a dark story about hte corruption of a young girl. Fortunately, the band is just as competent, and can effortlessly switch between various sounds and provide the ideal backdrop for whatever subject matter is at hand.

Twelve songs of great production and competent emceeing; Riding in Fast Cars With Your Momma is one of the most overlooked albums of the last decade. Sadly the band hasn't put out anything but an EP and a mixtape since, but hopefully another serious effort is on the way.



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