Thursday, July 1, 2010

Matt Elliott - Drinking Songs (2005)

"One of the most supremely melancholic albums I've ever heard, complete with songs about mass deaths, watery graves, suicides, meaningless wars and a world where nobody cares and nobody smiles. And for a few poisonous moments, you might almost believe Elliott's nihilistic worldview. The final track is the best electronica track of Elliott's career (including as Third Eye Corporation) and one of the most accomplished tracks in the genre, making 20 minutes shrink into 3 or 4. Elsewhere, The Guilty Party swims with European folk stylings and is possibly Elliott's best dabbling with the style, whilst Waste Of Blood turns 1950s dancehall on its head, turning the warm genre into something rather more gruesome and, well, bloody, before literally turning it on its head by reversing the entire track.

Overall, this is Matt Elliott's one great statement and probably one of the most depressing albums of all time- but it's no worse for it. That it manages to be all of this without losing listen-ability is testament to both its strength as an album and the odd addictiveness it holds to everyone who listens to it."


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