Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vendetta Red- Sisters of The Red Death (2005)

Here's the funny story about how I discovered Vendetta Red. Video Games. Yes, it was Saints Row, the GTA clone for Xbox 360 that made me discover this band. On the Saints Row soundtrack was a song called Silhouette Serenade. This song was performed by Vendetta Red.

I fell in love with the song from the orchestrated intro to the main chorus to the lyrics. It was just amazing. It was probably my favorite song for quite awhile. And it was my love for this song that made me seek out the album from which it came. What I discovered was Sisters of The Red Death. The Albums from which Silhouette Serenade came from. Now I honestly just got the album for that song but I ended up loving pretty much the whole damn album.

Now this was Vendetta Red's last album. They broke up in 2006 after various line up changes and disputes. Vendetta Red are an alternative rock band from Seattle, Washington. This album was a concept album. The concept being about a woman named Gloria, after a nuclear war engulfs the earth, she is born as a half medusa, half harpy. She blames mankind for her disfigurement and she takes over the world. This album is what happens when she falls in love.

Now be warned this album is very dark (a growing theme with some of my postings). One song being called Vendetta Red cried Rape on their date with Destiny. Some highlights of this album include the songs The Body and Blood, A Dark Heart Silhouette, Silhouette Serenade and Run.
This is a solid, and I mean solid alternative rock album. The lyrics are dark for the most part but the style is flawless. If only Vendetta Red were still together, they really were an excellent band.

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