Friday, July 2, 2010

Heaven in Her Arms - Paraselene (2010)

Japanese screamo band, Heaven in Her Arms, continues their progression into a devastating mix of screamo, post-rock, and a number of other apparent influences ranging from modern chamber music to doom and black metal, with their latest release, Paraselene. Even though, since their inception, they've had these same depressive themes, screams, and extended melodies, they fully realize their potential for emotional expression with some of the most dense atmospheres of any album in recent memory. Crushing, doom-inspired guitars set over some impressive drum work flow seamlessly into their namesake's (named after a song on Converge's album Jane Doe) influence of hardcore riffs with variated melodies and, again, some incredibly impressive drumming. All-in-all, even after a couple albums that were so obviously leading up to something like this, I'm still shocked. Those doomy melodies, set with repetive melodies within and above, sliding into the band's "post-hardcore" sound seems like a near-culmination for what the band has been accomplishing for so long.

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