Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lemonade - Pure Moods EP (2010)

Good summery EP. "Lifted" is on the summer mix I made for myself (probably will post on or here). Quite the good dance/beat music.


"Lemonade is a three-piece band who recently moved from San Francisco to Brooklyn. Their most recent effort, the five song EP Pure Moods, sounds like a Caribbean acid trip, warping steel drums, horns, and xylophones into a funky electronic jamfest.

Within the electronic genre, Lemonade finds a unique niche and gets down to work. The sound is hard to pin down, adding tropical instruments over more conventional melodies to create something new and interesting. The songs are all long; none is shorter than four minutes. This length makes melodies and riffs get a bit repetitive, but it’s almost a soothing repetition and one that doesn’t get annoying. A few personal favorites: ‘Lifted’, which features a xylophone, steel drums, a giggle, and an odd “dropping-a-heavy-object-into-water” sound. Like I said, a hard sound to pin down. Another favorite is ‘Sunsplash’, a grooving, laid back jam that uses a Loony Tunes-esque “boing” as percussion.

Pure Moods is something new. It takes “Caribbean Inspired” in a whole different direction. Instead of adopting the melodies, they take the Caribbean instruments and go in their own direction with them. Definitely an EP worth checking out."

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MillionYoung - Hammock

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