Friday, July 9, 2010

Cyne - Evolution Fight (2005)

Cyne are a conscious hip hop foursome hailing from Gainesville, Florida. They are consisted of two emcees and two producers: Cise Starr and Akin, and Speck and Enoch, respectively. Cise Starr is a great rapper, he has a distinctive flow and delivery and good lyrics to boot. Akin leaves something to be desired but he doesn't get as much mic time as Cise, and as such doesn't really detract from the album. The production is the real highlight though. The album is very cohesive, but all the songs would work by themselves as well. The songs, and especially the beats, have a habit where I tend to forget what they sound like, but when I actually listen to the album it feels like I've known them for years. The main exception to this is Automaton, which is more aggressive and forward than the rest of the beats. There's an extremely prominent vocal sample which I love, and Cise Starr raps about a dystopian future with a lot of social insight. Despite getting off to somewhat of a slow start, the album quickly picks up the pace, and really gets into gear by the time Haze (track 4) comes around, and every song after that is excellent, with the possible exception of Fuck America.

And in case I never post Water for Mars on this blog, I'm going to go ahead and post a song from that album, the best hip hop song to come out in the last few years, with amazing production from the late Nujabes.

Pretty Apollo

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