Saturday, July 3, 2010

Boho Fau & Elevated Soul - Coffee House Swinger (2010)

Free rap album with a lot of soul and jazz influences, produced entirely by Elevated Soul, who provide one of the jazziest hip hop experiences I've ever had. Boho Fau tells tales of chasing girls and drinking tea with a basic but enjoyable style. One of the best parts of the album are the choruses, which are surprisingly catchy, and soulful as well. With a short runtime of under 40 minutes, the cover, and the music itself, the whole thing gives off a vibe like it was released decades ago. As the title would imply, it has a very coffeehouse feel. Extremely mellow and laid back, and Boho Fau complements the mellow jazzy tones of the instrumentals perfectly with his smoothness and "mature black male" personality. He's a little corny on paper, but in the actual music he pulls it off very well and a little humor is added, making him pretty hard to not like.


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  1. I'll check this out, I love mellow Hip-Hop like Shinsight Trio.

    Found another download link BTW: