Friday, August 6, 2010

Air Formation - Daylight Storms (2007)

Shoegaze is quickly becoming one of my favorite genres of music. The slow, gentle singing is not only relaxing, but in a way it's very absorbing, almost like its taking you into another world. Air Formation is no different. Their soothing lullaby grabs you in a way almost comparable to how Slowdive had stretched out on our couches drifting between sleep and consciousness back in 1993 with their sophomore effort. Air Formation is an English shoegaze and space rock band. The band's rich, vivid sound will literally leave you feeling "Adrift" which is the title of one of the better songs on the album. The opener "Cold Morning" is a slow lull that leaves you with that hungry feeling you get when you want to hear more. That hunger lasts all the way through to the final track, a bass ridden departure from the album that leaves you excited for the band's next LP.

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