Thursday, August 5, 2010

Johnson&Jonson - Powders&Oils (2008)

(Wtf is up with the red baby...)

How ya doing everybody. My name is Coreo, and I'm a brand new contributor to this fine establishment. I hope to be here for awhile and steer some people in kool new directions. On that lovely note...

Johnson and Jonson is the name of the hip hop duo consisting of the critically acclaimed underground rapper named Blu and the producer Mainframe. Blu has always seemed to win me over with his powerful and sometimes humorous lyrics and this time it's no different. For a long album like this (clocking in at 21 tracks) there aren't that many filler tracks so you definitely want to give this a listen.

According to HipHopDX, Blu is unveiling his unreleased album "Her Favorite Col(u)r" and his most recent project "TheGodLeeBarnes LP" is being packaged with it. The release date is August 24th so be on the lookout.

Try it


  1. Where'd you get Powders&Oils from? The album's self titled.

  2. Ahh you're right. I got Powders&Oils because that was the initial name of the album when it leaked a few months after Below The Heavens.

    When they mastered everything and got rid of skits and whatnot, they released it as a self titled album.

    Weird though, I have the self titled album, but iTunes is telling me it's called Powders&Oils :\