Friday, August 20, 2010

Arcn Templ - Emanations of a New World (2010)

Singapore based musicians Leslie Low and Vivian Wang, both from the obscure rock band, The Observatory, step from that project to form the strange Arcn Templ. They set to project a totally wild atmosphere, building a very naturalistic, world music like sound, with a spacey ambiance.
Certainly one of the most surprising albums I've come across this year, they harken back to some of the older experimentalists, names such as Igor Wakhevitch or Klaus Schulze. But even they didn't really bother too much with the kind of intertwining folk with their primarily spacey ambient music.

Kind of a sparse post, but I just want to get something up here. Plus, it's a fantastically simple album, in terms of it's general sound. I could certainly go through, listing different movements, and the sort of theoretical placement of them, but I think there is such a primal reaction to this. To go through and pick at every chord, every measure, it would ruin what is going on. I think I'll spare this release the trouble.

Buy (There are plenty of places to buy this, even Amazon, if you so choose. Forced Exposure happens to be a personal favorite, though)


  1. Good upload bro, I enjoyed this one.

  2. I really wish I knew where I heard about this from. I guess it doesn't matter. It's just way cool. More than likely will make an appearance in my top ten