Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Alkaline Trio- This Addiction (2010)

This Addiction, Can't Seem To Live Without You, This Addiction, Now Going Clean. This is in the chorus of the album's title song This Addiction. This Addiction is Alkaline's Trio follow up to Agony & Irony. This album is a better effort to match Alkaline Trio's older work. It's a solid album. This Addiction is Alkaline Trio's seventh album. It's from there new label Heart & Skull in collaboration with Epitaph Records. The albums gains inspiration from the band's personal lives. The album takes on love, addiction, death, drugs, divorce, grief, suicide, politics, and war.

Once again this is a solid album especially in the punk rock genre. This is also Alkaline Trio's highest ranked album reaching #11 on the Billboard 200. Highlights of this album for me include the opener and song for the album's title. One of my favorite line's comes right in the opening. Matt Skiba sings this line 'You hit me just like heroin, I feel you coursing through my veins, I once tried to kick this addiction, I swear I'll never kick again, won't ever kick again, no." Later on the song he sings "Well those others were like methadone". You realize this song is about love and how your love can be an addiction and when you move to a new love, it's like a new drug. His Wife was heroin but compared to her, the others are like methadone. My favorite song has to be The American Scream which is actually about suicide. The chorus is what really gets me. "And that's where they found me, in the cemetery, a smoking gun in my hand now, I'm damned for the land of the free, sing with me, the american scream". It's such a beautiful song when you hear it. The final song I'd like to highlight is Off The Map, where Dan sings about rowing his boat back to shore. It's really good. Check this album out. For Your Health.

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