Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Twin Sister - Color Your Life (2010) [EP]

This New York 5 piece have recently been making a name for themselves by making dreamy, funk influenced pop music. Building off their debut EP Vampires With Dreaming Kids the latest EP from Twin Sister is a breezy collection of 6 great tracks. The lead vocalist of the band, Andrea Estella, has that classic whisperery, ethereal voice that some may say is essential to a dream pop band. One of the unique qualities that Twin Sister possesses is a blend of styles, funky, psychedelic, dreamy, they are a hybrid band and with each song they seem to be getting closer and closer to mastering their sound, which only means that the hype surrounding their debut album should be sky high. The EP starts with The Other Side Of Your Face which builds from distortion to beauty over the course of 7 minutes, it is the EP's longest track. Next is the fantastic one-two punch of Lady Daydream and Milk & Honey, both equally majestic and one might even say confident. Then the highlight of the EP, and perhaps one of the best songs of the year All Around and Away We Go, which is basically the bees knees, great for 4 am listening, and I could see it being pretty nice on the dance floor. The EP closes Galaxy Plateau, a song that is probably the EPs low point, it could be seen as filler and there should be none of that on an EP, however the last song Phenomenons more than makes up for the brief misstep, it's a great closer and about as poppy as Color Your Life gets. All in all this is a damn good EP chalk full of beautiful moments, and is perfect for late summer nights.

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