Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Static Age- I/O (2009)

The Static Age are a post-punk band from Burlington, Vermont consisting primarily of Andrew Paley and Adam Meilleur. they got their name from a Misfits album. I/O starts with Damages and it's nice from beginning to end. It has an 80's feel to it from the synthesizer to the electronic beats and dripping effects. The repeating of the words "they will keep you safe" could send chills down your spine. We then transits to Already Dead, an almost Phil Collins reject song, the vocals and lyrics are soft and the style it has, it made me think of Phil Collins. Now if that's a good thing or bad thing is up for interpretation. Overall I really enjoyed this album but it's almost more of an EP with only 6 songs on the album roughly over 4 mins each equaling out to about 25 mins.

Going forward Daughters and Sons takes a new direction, the guitar sounds change and we lose some of that electronic feeling but the vocals are still soft and echoing. The chorus is the real strength of this song. it just brings the song together. These Days is next up and is another solid song. It has more of an old school rock meets new school alt rock feel. I really liked this song as well and it sticks with the 80's vibe of the album as well. Closing of the Year is probably one of the best songs of the album. It's just a mellow delicate song, Andrew Paley really brings this song together with his vocals. Rorschach, the albums closer is another Phil Collins esque song in it's style and execution, it's the perfect closer for this album. The Static Age are a very good band and I really enjoyed reviewing this album. Whatever they're doing, it's working for them. I/O is a great example of what post punk should be. I look forward to what the Static Age has for future endeavors.

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