Monday, August 30, 2010

Japanese Cartoon - In the Jaws of the Lords of Death (2010)

When I heard Lupe Fiasco (which he refuses to be called when performing with this post-punk band) was going to be the front-man for a punk band, I was instantly interested. The album has a good post-punk sound, and is very listenable, but it last any kind of feeling or soul that I usually expect from any kind of punk music I listen to.

Another distracting feature of the album is Fiasco's phony British accent he has on every track on the album. I understand why he wanted to separate this project from his solo career, but just because you are doing punk, doesn't mean you have to sound like Johnny Rotten or Dee Dee Ramone. The album production is also a bit lacking, but its a free download from the bands website, so you cant really fault production on something you aren't paying for.

The best track on the album is "Gasp", its a bit softer than the rest of the otherwise heavy album, and Fiasco actually has glimpses of greatness behind the mic. If nothing else, this song will remain in rotation on my iPod for a while.

Overall, its a mediocre album that sounds like the Gorillaz, if they did a post-punk album, and lost all the fun that makes their albums such a joy to listen to.

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