Friday, August 13, 2010

O.A.D. - Daytona (1995)

Not exactly sure where to even begin with this one. From a number of Japanese musicians, including appearances from the ever-present experimentalists Otomo Yoshihide and Atsushi Tsuyama comes one of the most throughly freaked-out, deservedly experimental packages I've heard. While tipping in between different styles, this album rests upon the backbone of constant electronic wankery, although it is the most distorted backbone one could imagine. Throughout the album, production shifts to and fro, squeals wiggle inbetween frequencies, and harsh fuzz pounds in and out of the foreground, while guitars and saxophones fight to stay within beat. And upon this idea, those instruments throw some wild ideas. While mostly contained within that famous Japanese style of noise rock, they throw in cheeky versions of lounge jazz, a little funk, a little more of just about anything you could think of that would counteract the harshness of their electronics. The end result comes out as a musical equivalent of a creature straight out of David Cronenberg's head.

Not much info out there on this mutant of a music project. However, you could try the label this album released on, as they encourage you to "do an email"

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