Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wale - More About Nothing Mixtape (2010)

They say I'm runnin hip-hop but I'd rather unify with yall then stampede

Due to the success of Wale's Mixtape About Nothing (2008) and his less than critically acclaimed album debut entitled Attention Deficit (2009), I wondered if Wale was starting a trend of progressively declining in quality and would eventually disappear off of the radar. Yeah I was shut up, and kind of glad about it.

This mixtape is Wale talking about life as realistically as he can. There is a lot of variety here and I'm not saying there is something for everyone, (if you don't like a a guy praising himself and talking about bitches a lot then this genre probably isn't for you) but he covers a great many topics and gives it to you straight, through his eyes.

Each song here tells its own story but together as a collection, they seem follow a few themes. At one point in time he'll be talking about being a workaholic and how that effects his relationships. Sometimes he'll get in his really chill and introspective mode and talk about the grand scheme of it all, why he gets up every morning and does what he does. And other times, he's just spittin' fire about living life in the fast lane and having a crazy good time doing it. This little review doesn't do him justice.

I'll even admit to being inspired by this guy's music. The song "The Power" really gives you a serious dose of that confidence stuff.

So all in all, do NOT let this mixtape sit around unlistened to cuz' well, in layman's terms, this shit is the hawt fiya. Peace.

Try it

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