Saturday, September 4, 2010

Anberlin- Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place (2010)

Anberlin's follow up to New Surrender will be out this Tuesday and I got a hold of a copy. Being indifferent on the band since I've only heard two of their albums, I overall enjoyed this album. We Owe This To Ourselves starts the album out and it's rocking. Stephen Christan asks "Is This The End of Everything" In the chorus, he says "We owe this to our selves, We owe this our selves, we just can't let this go" It's catchy and overall enjoyable. Next up we have what will be the mainstream darling of the album, Impossible. It's is almost Angels and Airwaves inspired better yet a U2 wannabe. It's catchy, It's got a good riff, you want to sing along, If you haven't figured it out. This album is Anberlin trying to reach mainstream? Is that a good thing? I guess that's up to you.

Next up we get Take Me ( As You Found Me) it's the slow moving jam of the album. The chanting and slow music, it's almost adult contemporary. The chorus is "Take me as you found me, take me as you found me, won't leave me to die, leave me wanting, leave me wanting, the rest of your life". Closer is another song which I don't know what to say, it's repetitive , it's rocking but it's a dud overall for me. You Belong Here is the piano infused love song of the album. it has almost an 80's feel to it. Like something Casey Kasem would have on the Top 40.

Pray Tell is a rhythmical power ballad. it's decent but it lacks excitement. It's another dud for me. It's just not good enough for the album. Art of War has almost a techno induced intro with a constant popping sound. and technical sounds, this is another song which sound's like the 80's. What I'm basically saying is Anberlin is channeling U2 in this album, and for the most part they succeed. To The Wolves is a heavy drum bashing jam, it's good, pretty damn good and could be another possible hit for the band. Down is the slow burner of the album, it's slow and sweet and just transits well from To The Wolves. The final track of the album is Depraved, it's slow, mellow and well ties the album together nicely. Overall Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place, is Anberlin channeling U2 with mainstream hits and 80's inspired pop. It's a savory appetizer but it's not the full course meal you want it to be.

Best Song: Impossible
Worst Song: Closer
Hidden Gem: Art Of War

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