Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Gay Blades- Ghosts (2007)

The Gay Blades are a Trash pop duo from New York City. Now despite the odd name, this is a very solid band. They kind of remind me of Head Automatica. Ghosts starts off with O-Shot, it's very stripped down and vocally stellar. The oddly named Bob Dylan's 115th Nightmare follows O-Shot and uses the Gay Blades trash pop style to it's advantage. The brilliant Hey She Say is next up and it's opening riff gets you ready for the song. It's somewhat catchy on the same point. The chorus is the strong point of this track. The Gay Blades are an very interesting band with a formula. Catchy trash pop and great vocal arrangements. One of my favorite songs has to be Dog Day Afternoon, it's a stripped down guitar strummer that is so beautiful executed it's meant to be heard.

Prologue to a Broken Heart almost sounds like a lounge song, it's just so cool and blues infused. NDHN is begging to be a sing along song with the oh oh oh's like most songs like that are. This band has no bass. Clark Westfield plays Guitar and Puppy Mills drums. It's an odd hipster like experiment but it works. We Wear Mittens is the duo's duet with repeated uses of "My heart is cold, my heart is warm. We follow this with You're a Garbage Barge, I'm a Dream Boat is almost a ballad without the star quality. Next we have the hilariously named Robots Can Fuck Your Shit up. There is no mention of Robots at all and the song is actually about a man trying to convince a woman she needs him. Why Can't I Grow a Beard? no not me, that's the song title. All of these songs names sound like they were drawn randomly from a hat. As for Why I Can't I Grow a Beard, it's another beauty. The second to last track Compliments Can Kill seems to be the gem of the album with infectious lyrics and a rocking beat. Whatever these guys are doing, it works. The closer of the album is the echoing Cellphone Song, a slow winding road of a song you need to hear from beginning to end. Overall, Ghosts was a nice album for me to try and listen to after reading about them way back when. If you like Indie rock or want something new. Give Ghosts a listen.

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