Monday, September 6, 2010

Dert - Talk Strange (2009)

Whenever I make a 2009 list, I always forget this tape. I guess that's to be expected since it was released on New Years and I still had a "2008" mindstate, but I can't believe I keep forgetting this since it's probably one of my favorite releases this year.

Dert is best known in the underground hip-hop circuit for his mash up tapes made of samples from various artists. On this one he decided to use primarily Bjork samples throughout the entire album, which basically sounds heavenly. It has a nice cool feel which like a lot of Bjork's music too. So since I love Bjork so much, naturally I thought this album was great, not to mention it's free so all you reading this have no reason not to pick this one up. | Download | Myspace (If people still use that)

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