Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fang Island - Fang Island (2010)

Brooklyn-based indie rockers Fang Island have delivered a self-titled debut that practically slaps you in the face to grab your attention. Though it doesn't quite measure up to the Andrew W.K. levels of 'Awesome rock', the combination of progressive-style math rock and catchy indie make for an enjoyable album. The first few tracks are the highlights of the album, but it never really dips off or gets boring due to its 32-minute length and fun-loving nature.

There's not much to take notice of in the lyrical department, but as the instrumentals are the primary focus of the album this isn't much of an issue. There's plenty of variation, with moments of heavy drumming and grooves that get the progressive comparisons with the likes of Rush, in contrast to some of the simple, riff-driven elements that hint at early Weezer-like power pop. It's a bit remarkable at just how much this album achieves in only 32 minutes, but then again if it went on too long it would probably be too exuberant.

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