Monday, September 13, 2010

Ludo- Prepare The Preparations (2010)

As you all know I am a fan of Ludo as I had reviewed their album, You're Awful, I Love You earlier this year. We now got to hear the follow up album, Prepare The Preparations when it came out last Tuesday. Being one of the few who listens to the band on LPC. I bought the album because 1. I love the band and 2. I had been anticipating it's release all month. So let's get on with the review.

PTP starts off with Too Tired To Wink , a catchy power pop song that a nice starter to the album. It's energetic, catchy chorus and overall a very enjoyable song. Andrew Volpe shows off his lyrical strengths through out the album. The second song Cyborgs vs Robots is almost Muse inspired, mainly noted the guitar work sounds somewhat similar to Knights of Cydonia. One again, a very catchy power pop song with a more technical flair.
After Tired to Wink and Cyborgs vs Robots, we switched to the ridiculously catchy, head bobbing sing along jam Whipped Cream. A song primarily devoted to Whipped Cream itself and also a metaphor for wanting that sweet savory love of your woman. I mean here's the chorus "I think I'm entitled to your body, Gotta little problem with personal space and I've been pounding the Jaeger , my breath and behavior been driving the patrons away" and that's basically the premise of the song. Ludo then turns from Energetic power pop to slow moving love songs. First of the two, Anything For You, Volpe details every ridiculous thing he would do just to be with her. From chopping down evergreens to giving up wishing leprechauns , he would do anything for her. The her I'm referring to is of course, his wife. He was married during the recording of this album. Following up Anything For You, We get Manta Rays

Manta Rays is another love song with a different message, this song is about wanting to be with someone, it's actually one of my favorite songs on the records because of the moving chorus. During the song, it just feels like you're floating underwater, anyways as for the chorus it goes like this "All I want is to know your name and whisper it in your ear, but I'm weightless like I'm falling on the moon. I'm falling slow for you". It's just a really mellow great song about trying to find love, I personally love
it. The thing that is great about this album is Ludo basically offers something new with each track.

Following this we have Skeletons on Parade, a song that could be on any major animated Halloween movie this year. it's said to be inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas and if they did. They nailed it. It also has a taste of Dropkick Murphy's in it near the end. I'll Never Be Lonely Again is almost a lounge act song. I visually could see Volpe singing this on a cruise ship as a lounge act. It's an odd image but that's what I see. It's another stellar track. Ludo goes semi Country on us with All The Stars in Texas. A song that is all about good old Texas, it's a love song once again. Volpe must have gained inspiration from his wife writing this album. This album is so lovey dubby. It's not a bad thing , but it just misses the energy of the begining three tracks.

Rotten Town is basically a story told in song, it's rocking, it's not heavy but is the chorus catchy. That's where Ludo reels me in. Their choruses are so damn good you can't help but sing along. "I scowl at the angry moon, I am sick of myself, I'm a bum. What have I become? A Drunk marooned on the ground in this Rotten Town". Volpe has talent and he knows it. The Finally three tracks changed up the pace once again. Overdone is an emo ballad about finding love once again. Once again, another Love track. Not a bad thing since it's one of the most written about things in music. The guitar work in Overdone is great. another strength of Ludo is their guitar work, it's fantastic. The final two tracks well, they're something else.

Battle Cry is the anthem of the album with a cheesetastic chorus. It seems like something you would hear in one of those straight to dvd college comedies. "WE ARE YOUNG, BUT WE WILL NEVER DIE. WE WON'T GIVE UP, THIS IS OUR BATTLE CRY, WE WILL DEFEAT THE OTHER GUYS" It seriously makes me laugh not because it's necessarily bad. It reminds me of GI Joe for some reason. The final track of this album is Safe In The Dark, magnificent alt pop machine with soft lyrics and hard chorus. It just chants hauntingly over and over. It's actually the best song in the 2nd half of the album. One of the best closing tracks I've ever heard. Overall if you like Ludo, you'll like this album, it's on par, with You're Awful , I Love You. I hope these guys stick around a few more years. They're a wonderful little gem of a band.

Best Song: Manta Rays
Worst Song: Battle Cry
Hidden Gem: Safe In The Dark

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