Friday, September 17, 2010

Full Dhat Discography

Dhat is dead. At least for now. A couple of years ago, this trio from St.Louis captured my heart with their twisted EP, I. Their strange vocals, math-rock attitude and general, I'll just call it "avant-gardery" was such a unique, wholly interesting sound, I found it impossible to get it out of my head. But, alas, after three years of relative silence, Dhat is on an indeterminate hiatus, according to their drummer. And, after a request to him, here is "pretty much everything [they've] ever recorded", sent to me with the message "Thank you for listening. Feel free to share."

Expect a very "chill" math-rock, with slightly Residents-esque vocals, and nothing like you've probably heard before. Although the members are still performing in other bands, it's a shame something so nice, so unique, had to stall in obscurity. I guess this is a bit late for a shoutout (not to say I didn't try to spread the word earlier), but I suppose there is no bad time to promote a band, whether live or dead.

bandcamp (all the songs streaming here are also in the myspace, I think. This is just another place to download their EP)

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