Friday, September 10, 2010

Weezer - Hurley (2010)

After three poorly received albums in a row (including last years, Raditude, which was almost universally panned), Weezer was pretty much left for dead. Outside of a track here or there, even many fans were starting to turn their backs on one of the most influential bands in Alt-Rock. However, with their first album on their new label, Epitaph Records, Hurley seems like its going to start a new era of Weezer relevance.

The track most of you may have heard is the lead single "Memories", and while I didn't care for it, others enjoyed the track. Thankfully, its not representative of the rest of the album. While I don't like to say this, the rest of the album feels like "Old" Weezer, but with a more modern twist. It feels like the whole album takes from their best work (Blue Album through Maladroit), but adds a new flavor to it, keeping it fresh and not making it sound 16 years old.

There are a few dud tracks, like "Where's My Sex", but for the most part, the album is a really good ride, and a return to prominence for a band that many of us fell out of love with a number of years (and bad albums) ago.


  1. I'll have to pick this up, but this guy's face makes me feel like he's looking through me

  2. Good to know there's some promise to this album and that Pinkerton Deluxe won't be the only worthwhile Weezer release of the past 8 years.

  3. It's Alright. I mean it's got some stellar tracks and some real head scratchers, I kinda want to buy it for the cover lol.