Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Envy - Recitation (2010)

I'd guess that nearly every blog that would be interested in this has it up, but even if I'm late, it's better than not having it at all. Japanese screamo legends Envy release perhaps their best effort to date with Recitiation, again mixing their devastating "doom screamo" with lighter, "post-rock" passages including, what I'm sure are nicely worded, soft-spoken passages, but non-Japanese speakers will have to rely solely on the tone to gain enjoyment.
I suppose we can start with the cover. Seemingly a reflection on the music itself. Sparse yet impactful, dark and bright, the music itself paints the landscape that appears. The upper raises the heavy abrasive music as we fall back to and settle with the lighter songs, maybe some confusion between the two interjecting sparsely.
I'll refrain from going track to track or even a slight play-by-play. For one, the album is far too long for that. Over an hour of this and that doesn't lend itself to a through dissection, especially with one listen. Mostly I'll say that this is certainly recommended for anyone that was a fan of the Heaven in Her Arms album I posted towards the beginning of this blog. Also, even though the two genres mentioned come with a fair amount of stigma, please leave your silly predispositions at the door. While they carry a significant amount of themes from each, Envy comes together as an excitingly different beast, transcending those labels. It's not necessarily screamo, and it's not necessarily post-rock, it's just damn good music.

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