Sunday, September 26, 2010

Siah and Yeshua DapoED - The Visualz Anthology (2008)

New York-based indy-hip hop pioneers. They released their 1996 debut The Visualz EP on Bobbito Garcia’s highly regarded label Fondle ‘Em Records. Most of the beats and rhythms that drive these songs are very rooted in jazz. The duo also pretty much had a hand in the excellent production that was handled by Jon Adler too. The whole thing just oozes with creativity. It has that New York feel to it, but they make then entirety of The Visualz sound like their own. Both MC's have their own distinct style, so there is plenty of variety.

The biggest stand out feature of this album is the song "A Day Like Any Other" that clocks at 11 minutes and changes beats and tempo for a change really making it an adventure. This album is a real gem of an underground Hip-Hop album.

Although it's really a compilation, but shhh.


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