Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Track of the Day for September 15, 2010

Deerhunter's new album leaked today, and it's fantastic. I don't know if I can rank it above Microcastle yet, but it's definitely in my top ten for 2010. Here's the lead single from the album, "Revival".

Deerhunter - Revival

Note from management: The next mixtape should be released by the end of September; we'll try and think of a creative theme just for you.


  1. Just for me? Oh my. Also, Deerhunter are gangster.

  2. theme can be, like, music about animals. A collective of songs about animals. The Animal Collective mixtape.

  3. I saw Deerhunter live once. They were pretty damned good but the acoustics at the place I saw them were god awful.