Saturday, September 11, 2010

NOISM - ± (2008)

Hard to find words for this one, mostly because it leaves my brain as a goo running out my ears. Beginning in Tokyo in the late nineties, NOISM set the goal of pursuing the ultimate brutality and complexity in music.

Maybe they succeed.

This is aural assault, plain and simple. The drums pound at the speed of light and the guitar noodles in and out of abrasive passages at a comparable tempo. Even at a paltry 21 minutes, it's hard to make it through. This is drill and bass at it's most ear shattering. Everything crashes and clangs in such an intelligible measure, it's hard to even imagine someone actually programming it.

I'd almost say it's impossible to *like* it, but, somehow, this is absolutely amazing.

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  1. Sorry about the terrible track listing, but surely you can fix that yourself.